Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal partner for AHPC franchise development?
Experienced and sophisticated multi-unit maintenance and repair operators and/or business professionals with a track record of building strong and successful teams.

What are the minimum financial requirements?
A prospective franchisee must have at least $60,000 in liquid assets and a net worth of not less than $120,000.

What is the initial investment?
The total initial investment is $65,000, which includes the franchise fee of $30,000.

What roll must a franchisee play in the operations of an AHPC franchise?
A franchisee must be actively involved in operations and management of AHPC franchise.

Are franchisees required to reside in the same market where their AHPC zone is located?
 It is highly recommended that franchisee should reside within close proximity of their designated area.

What are the royalty and advertising fees ?
6% of gross revenue or minimum of $800 per month

What is the optimal size of an AHPC fleet?
One to two work trucks initially.

What type of support does AHPC provide to franchisees?
AHPC will assist franchisees w I initial set up as well as train franchisee on material sourcing , estimating , employee sourcing and more.